Always one step ahead of the times

For 10 years now, we have been able to support the company inexio in its projects and provide consulting. Read more about this extraordinary Saarland company.

inexio has made an enormous leap since it was founded 10 years ago
The company has created a fibre optic network of more than 6,000 kilometres throughout Germany and has established itself on the market as a specialist for state-of-the-art transmission technology and IT solutions.
In addition, inexio offers state-of-the-art telecommunications and IT services, whether as a network operator and cloud provider or as a service provider for IT and data centre solutions.

The success of the three managing directors David Zimmer, Thorsten Klein and Christoph Staudt is not only based on courageous decisions: Technical expertise, a feel for the market and customers, and social interaction with a total of 220 employees round out inexio’s recipe for success.

Thorsten Klein on SaarLB:
“SaarLB has been with us since shortly after inexio was founded: They have provided consulting on the implementation of our project since the beginning.” SaarLB has taken on the role of a reliable companion and supporter on whom inexio can always rely. SaarLB also stands behind the young company with regard to its unusual business model. “Mutual trust and understanding form a crucial basis for us in this regard, on which our cooperation will continue to be based in the future”, the managing director said.