Chargeurs – Quality and innovation make the difference

When a shipping company called Compagnie Française de Navigation à Vapeur Chargeurs Réunis was founded in 1872, it was the beginning of a worldwide success story. Even then, Chargeurs was setting course for international waters: From the home port of Le Havre, the route stretched from West Africa to the East Coast of South America and on to the United States of America. In all these countries Chargeurs is still present today. “Chargeurs has been active in 74 different business segments throughout its history. Each era has focused on the most innovative and promising industries: In the 19th and early 20th centuries this was transport, and in the second half of the 20th century the textile and media sectors. It is now the industry of special materials”, explains Michaël Fribourg, General Manager of Chargeurs.

Today, the Group focuses on four different areas of activity, all of which have a common denominator: Chargeurs can bring its expertise in special materials to bear – either on a plastic or textile basis. The French Group is a world leader in self-adhesive plastic films for the protection of sensitive surfaces, lining materials for textiles, high-quality wool and technical textiles.

SaarLB has a genuine understanding of Chargeur’s niche business: “Here they have the expertise to understand our industrial challenges and growth cycles. This makes our collaboration efficient and fruitful”, says Michaël Fribourg. This understanding of each other creates trust – and thus the solid basis for a successful partnership.