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Syndicated business

As a Franco-German regional bank, SaarLB is indispensable for its customers, particularly in the context of lending. In order to be an important companion and support our customers in large financing transactions, SaarLB acts in close coordination with them in the area of syndication and syndicated financing.

SaarLB’s syndication team is responsible for the joint provision of financing together with partner banks. This is done through club deals or through subsequent distribution to syndicate partners on the market. The team accompanies the customer from the initial structuring of the deal, uses a high level of expertise to handle the preparation of teasers or information memoranda, and coordinates, among other things, the preparation of syndication agreements.

Over the years, a very broad network of partner banks and savings banks as well as institutional investors has been built up. They work together on the basis of trust, so the network can be used for the joint provision of financing.
We would be pleased to provide you with information on the financing we offer, in particular in the areas of

In cases where SaarLB assumes the role of arranger, ongoing portfolio management for debtors and consortium members is handled in the in-house agency.

The syndication team is also available to partner banks for the acceptance of syndicated investments (SaarLB as syndicate).

Please contact us.
We look forward to welcoming you as a new syndicate partner of SaarLB.

Your contact

Christian Mathe

Head of Treasury and Syndication
Phone: +49 681 383-1519

Kay Weissfloch

Manager Treasury
Phone: +49 681 383-1426

Joachim Schäfer

Manager Syndication
Phone: +49 681 383-1521

Peter Arweiler

Trading (institutional investors, savings banks)
Phone: +49 681 383-1685

Jörg Backes

Trade (banks)
Phone: +49 681 383-1747

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