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Landesbank Saar

Ursulinenstraßen 2
66111 Saarbrücken

PO box: 66104 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 681 383-01
Telefax: +49 681 383-1200

Landesbausparkasse Saar

Beethovenstraße 35-39
66111 Saarbrücken

PO box: Postfach 10 19 62
66019 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 681 383-02
Telefax: +49 681 383-2100

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Mannheim

Willy-Brandt-Platz 5-7
68161 Mannheim

Phone: +49 621 124769-10

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Trier

Nikolaus-Koch-Platz 4
54290 Trier

Phone: +49 651 9946-6138

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Koblenz

Peter-Klöckner-Straße 5
56073 Koblenz

Phone: +49 261 952 184 61

SaarLB France –
Succursale de la Landesbank Saar

Résidence Le Premium
17-19, rue du Fossé des Treize
67000 Strasbourg Cédex

Phone: +33 3 88 3758-70 
Telefax: +33 3 88 3693-78

SaarLB France –
Centre d’affaires

203, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris

Phone: +33 1 45 6363-52
Telefax: +33 1 45 6371-22


in Germany and France

Strong municipalities need a strong partner

Our legal and statutory mandate is to support municipalities in fulfilling their public mission.
Since the tasks of the municipalities are constantly changing, a strong and reliable financial partner is all the more important.

In our support of municipalities, we work closely in particular with the Saarland savings banks on the German side and with the Banques Populaires/Caisses d’Epargne Group for our municipal customers in France, covering all typical areas of demand with our respective partners.

In this context, SaarLB provides all the necessary financial services for public sector customers.

The performance we promise

Pôle Franco-Allemand

Nous vous proposons le Pôle Franco-Allemand – un forum pour investissements transfrontaliers – de la France vers l’Allemagne et inversement.

Le Pôle Franco-Allemand facilite l’entrée sur le marché dans le pays voisin et vous aide à maximiser votre succès sur le marché. Grâce au soutien de notre réseau d’experts et à la riche expérience qu’ils ont acquises, vous pourrez conclure des opérations sans problème et bénéficierez souvent d’une offre plus avantageuse.

Our expertise in business with the public sector in France

In addition to our business with municipalities, we specialise in France in…

Public facilities

We advise and find financing solutions for basic public service facilities.

We focus on public hospitals (Etablissements Publics de Santé) and special-purpose associations (Syndicats Mixtes) in the water, electricity and waste management sectors.

Municipally-owned public companies

Municipally-owned public companies are active in more than 40 business segments in France, ranging from urban planning to housing and transport. They take the form of the Société d’Economie Mixte (SEM) and the Société Publique Locale (SPL).

We have the necessary competence and the means to assist you in the realisation of your projects.

Infrastructure projects based on private-public partnership

For many years now, it has been common practice in France to finance public-sector infrastructure investments in the form of private-public partnerships (PPP).

In addition to road construction measures, public buildings (e.g. schools, cultural facilities, police buildings), public sports and leisure facilities, investments in IT networks and, more recently, basic energy renovations are the subject of tenders.

Our solutions

Industry expertise

SaarLB is financing partner for the largest investment in the history of Energie SaarLorLux

The foundation stone for the new gas engine power plant “GAMOR” at Römerbrücke in Saarbrücken was laid at the end of June. In the presence …

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Let us introduce: Saint-Avold Synergie Municipal Association

Changes can only be mastered through further development. The Saint-Avold metropolitan area is rising to the challenge and entering into synergies in order to bundle …

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Waste disposal with potential

In 298 municipalities in the Moselle-Est and Alsyce bossue regions, Sydeme takes care of waste management. Its production of bio-methane gas also promotes the expansion …

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Your contact

Frank Riehl

Head of Municipalities and Municipally-owned Companies
Phone: +49 681 383-1756

Sabrina Kaufmann

Fon. +49 681 383-1768
Fax. +49 681 383-4123

Jan Schneider

Fon. +49 681 383-1598
Fax. +49 681 383-4123

Dr. Jochen Legleitner

Head of Corporate and Municipal Customers - France
Phone: +33 3 88 3758-76

Benoit Thalgott

Municipalities et PPP France
Phone: +33 3 88 37 58-70

Maxime Jaeglé

Municipalities et PPP France
Phone: +33 3 88 3758-70

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