Going beyond limits – and winning

“Social, ecological or ethical values determine in everyday life what we spend our money on. These values should also not be neglected when choosing the right investment. That is why it was important to us from the outset to be able to transparently understand the real effects and consequences of an investment for the environment”, explains Antje Grieseler – President Leonidas Associates France SAS and Managing Director Leonidas Advice & Asset Management GmbH. This idea was systematically continued when Leonidas expanded its portfolio to include technical consulting and maintenance in the area of solar systems and relocated its main business market to France.

Thinking sustainably about energy and investment

The combination of financial and technical know-how was convincing – and was further expanded: Today, Leonidas not only acquires and implements solar and wind power projects, but also operates and maintains projects itself. This long-term and sustainable business model successfully differentiates the Leonidas Group from competitors: In 2016 around 7,000 private investors had invested €160 million in 16 closed-end investment companies.

It is hardly surprising that Leonidas found the right partner for project financing in SaarLB: As a Franco-German regional bank, SaarLB can contribute precisely to the competencies that are important to the Leonidas Group – and has been doing so since 2010. Because in matters of partnership, too, value is placed on commitment and reliability: “Working together for so long has created a proximity that allows us to partner as equals. This way we can reflect on ideas together and think ahead. Above all, because SaarLB has real expertise in the area of renewable energies. We understand each other and can really focus on progress”, confirms Antje Grieseler.