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Landesbank Saar
Ursulinenstraße 2
66111 Saarbrücken

66104 Saarbrücken

Telefon: 0681 383-01
Telefax: 0681 383-1200

Landesbausparkasse Saar

Beethovenstraße 35-39
66111 Saarbrücken

PO box: Postfach 10 19 62
66019 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 681 383-02
Telefax: +49 681 383-2100

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Mannheim
Willy-Brandt-Platz 5-7
68161 Mannheim

Telefon: 0621 124769-10

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Trier
Nikolaus-Koch-Platz 4
54290 Trier

Telefon: 0651 9946-6138 

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Koblenz
Peter-Kläckner-Straße 5
56073  Koblenz

Telefon: 0261 952-18461

SaarLB France
Succursale de la Landesbank Saar

Résidence Le Premium
17-19, rue du Fossé des Treize
67000 Strasbourg Cédex

Telefon: +33 3 88 3758-70
Telefax: +33 3 88 3693-78

SaarLB France
Centre d’affaires

203, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris

Telefon: +33 1 45 6363-52
Telefax: +33 1 45 6371-22

Corporate customers

Germany, France and Luxembourg

At home in three countries

Our markets include not only Saarland, but also the neighbouring Rhineland-Palatinate, parts of Baden-Württemberg and Hesse, and, in neighbouring France, in particular the north-east and the economic conurbations (Grand Est, Ile de France, Bourgogne Franche Comté, Hauts de France) as well as Lyon and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This lets us stick to our roots. After all, promoting the economy and in particular small and medium-sized businesses in the region is a task that is as traditional as it is forward-looking for us.

Whether you are a German, French or Luxembourg company looking to invest in one country or the other, or a foreign company looking to establish itself in one of our core regions, we offer a comprehensive range of products to meet the needs of a typical SME, from financing to asset management.

Intelligent solutions for your capital requirements

Every company needs a partner who knows the market and can help overcome a wide range of challenges.

We are not only at your company’s disposal with credit, but also pay special attention to the general conditions as well as your business model in our consulting services.
We not only advise you on current projects, but also work together with you to analyse and consider your individual value chain in your industry environment. Accordingly, further potentials can be identified and leveraged.

Philosophy and claim


your vision, strategy, values, markets, plans and economic background on the basis of dialogue as partners.


of professional concepts for the implementation of your strategy and support for the sustainable further development of your company.


by jointly selecting efficient solutions for your needs.

Our solutions

Our solutions are selected on a needs-oriented basis in a joint exchange with you to meet the individual challenges of your company. To this end, we combine the following components, among others

Structured financing

As a company/entrepreneur, do you need a tailor-made financing solution for your individual needs at the right time?

We are happy to support you with our commitment and know-how to find special financing solutions.

Sustainable credit portfolio

SaarLB’s fundamental objective in its lending activities is to reduce sustainability risks and negative impacts on the environment and society. In contrast, ESG-related opportunities and positive impacts are to be increased or expanded.

For this purpose, SaarLB has used a materiality analysis to evaluate all SDGs in terms of their opportunities and risks (outside-in perspective) and / or their impact on the environment and society (inside-out perspective), taking into account the stakeholder perspective. It aims to acquire or expand financing that makes a potential contribution to fulfilling the SDGs with increased impact, which is also expressed in particular in the Renewable Energies business segment. Negative impacts are largely regulated by restrictions on customer and industry acceptance in their sustainability policy.

With the framework for ESG-related financing, SaarLB creates a transparent arrangement for the provision of green and social financing for its customers.

The Pôle Franco-Allemand

With the Pôle Franco-Allemand – an initiative of SaarLB – we offer a forum for cross-border investments – from France to Germany and vice versa.

The bank now does almost 50 % of its new business in or with France. This success is based on cross-border knowledge of the markets, business practices and legal norms, combined with bilingual expertise and the great commitment of the advisors.

SaarLB’s expertise is combined in the Pôle Franco-Allemand with that of our network partners from the fields of business, finance, law, tax and science. In addition, SaarLB experts from both countries are also available to provide you with advice and support, for example, in order to make your project a success through “tailor-made” financing.

Industry expertise

Always one step ahead of the times

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Markus Santner

Head of Corporate Customers - Germany
Phone: +49 681 383-1631

Stefan Blank

Manager Corporate Customers Saarbrücken
Phone: +49 681 383-1391

Melanie Schmitz

Head of Market Team Trier Luxembourg
Phone: +49 651 99466138

Bernhard Kurz

Manager Market Team Leader Rhein Main Neckar
Phone: +49 621 124 769-10

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Philipp Werthmüller

Communication & Media
Phone: +49 681 383-1264