Landesbank Saar
Ursulinenstraße 2
66111 Saarbrücken

66104 Saarbrücken

Telefon: 0681 383-01
Telefax: 0681 383-1200

Landesbausparkasse Saar

Beethovenstraße 35-39
66111 Saarbrücken

PO box: Postfach 10 19 62
66019 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 681 383-02
Telefax: +49 681 383-2100

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Mannheim
Willy-Brandt-Platz 5-7
68161 Mannheim

Telefon: 0621 124769-10

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Trier
Nikolaus-Koch-Platz 4
54290 Trier

Telefon: 0651 9946-6138 

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Koblenz
Peter-Kläckner-Straße 5
56073  Koblenz

Telefon: 0261 952-18461

SaarLB France
Succursale de la Landesbank Saar

Résidence Le Premium
17-19, rue du Fossé des Treize
67000 Strasbourg Cédex

Telefon: +33 3 88 3758-70
Telefax: +33 3 88 3693-78

SaarLB France
Centre d’affaires

203, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris

Telefon: +33 1 45 6363-52
Telefax: +33 1 45 6371-22

A warm welcome

to the Franco-German regional bank

Current issues

Dr. Matthias Böcker is leaving SaarLB

After nearly 14 years, including serving on the Board of Management since 2015, Dr. Matthias Böcker is leaving SaarLB at the end of January 2023. …

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An exclusive insight into Christmas at SaarLB

Get an exclusive look behind the scences with this Christmas film, setting the scene with a Christmas message from Dr. Thomas Bretzger and Gunar Feth.

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Mid-year review 2022

In the Media Roundtable, our Executive Board reports on figures and topics from the first half of the year and looks ahead.

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Great success for SaarLB with its first social covered bond (Pfandbrief) placed on the market

SaarLB is only the third issuer and the first Landesbank with a social covered bond on the market.

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SaarLB finances its first zero-emissions office building in Benelux

  SaarLB, as syndicate leader, together with Sparkasse Trier and Spuerkess Luxemburg, is heavily involved in the financing of the first zero-emissions office building in …

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Annual balance 2021

SaarLB achieves a significant increase in new business and improves earnings despite difficult circumstances. The Franco-German approach continues to intensify and awards were received in …

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80 Years of SaarLB: The Start of an Anniversary Year

Der 29. November 2021 war ein ganz besonderer Tag für uns als SaarLB, denn wir feiern unser 80-jähriges Bestehen als die deutsch-französische Regionalbank.

Aufgrund der derzeitigen Lage hinsichtlich der Corona-Pandemie haben wir uns auch dazu entschlossen, aus dem Jubiläumstag, ein Jubiläumsjahr zu machen, in dem wir einige schöne Aktivitäten realisieren werden – seien Sie bereits heute gespannt.

Wir blicken auf 80 Jahre zurück, in denen wir einige Krisen haben meistern müssen, aber auch eine Zeit, in der wir in unserer Region viel bewegt haben und auch für unsere Kunden in unserem deutsch-französischen Kernmarkt

Um Ihnen einen besseren Überblick über unsere Geschichte geben zu können, haben wir unsere Chronik digitalisiert und um einige Meilensteine der letzten fünf Jahre ergänzt. Schauen Sie hierzu gerne auf unserer Jubiläumsseite hier im Internet vorbei, auf der Sie auch die Jubiläumsbotschaft einiger bekannter Persönlichkeiten aus dem Umfeld der SaarLB finden.

Vis-à-Vis customer portal

A simple way to remain informed about the status of your current financing project. Transparently and openly, you can see who is currently working for you.
Exchange documents with us easily and digitally.
See an overview of your business relationship with SaarLB…

Become part of the SaarLB team

We love people who are committed to what they do and driven by the entrepreneurial spirit.

Interdisciplinary teams, partly open working areas, variable working times, mobile working and family friendliness: This promotes a flexible and agile work culture.

We know that diversity and equal opportunities are more than just buzzwords

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and collaboration is the key to exceptional teams. We hire people with special talents, skills and potential and create an environment in which everyone can bring out the best in themselves – regardless of nationality, skin colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any physical impairment.
The targeted promotion of women is a key point here. Many of our models contribute to this declared goal. Our choice of working time models, but also our active support in arranging childcare, create a balance between work and private life.

More informations

Pôle Franco-Allemand

With Pôle Franco-Allemand, we offer a forum for cross-border investments – from France to Germany and vice versa.

Pôle Franco-Allemand facilitates market entry in the respective neighbouring country and also helps you to have more successful economic operations. Our network of experts will help you to close a deal smoothly and often receive a more advantageous offer due to the depth of our experience.

Corona: Foresight through proximity - especially in uncertain times!

The global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the business operations of those involved in the economy.
SaarLB is aware of the difficult situation in which many of our customers find themselves. To the extent permitted by regulatory law, they want to help their customers overcome the current challenges.

Facts & figures

For almost 80 years, SaarLB has demonstrated proximity, both to the region and to its customers and partners. Then as now, it has always been a question of providing impetus with foresight for the economy in the region.

Saarland is an excellent location for this: It has a cross-border structure, is characterised by structural change and a desire for innovation, and boasts renowned companies and research institutes. SaarLB is happy to support this future-oriented approach: with Franco-German expertise, close ties to small and medium-sized businesses and individually tailored offers and services for our customers. And last but not least close cooperation with both the state and the Savings Banks Finance Group, in which the bank has been rooted since its foundation.

Die deutsch-französische Regionalbank

La banque régionale franco-allemande



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