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Ursulinenstraße 2
66111 Saarbrücken

66104 Saarbrücken

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Landesbausparkasse Saar

Beethovenstraße 35-39
66111 Saarbrücken

PO box: Postfach 10 19 62
66019 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 681 383-02
Telefax: +49 681 383-2100

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Mannheim
Willy-Brandt-Platz 5-7
68161 Mannheim

Telefon: 0621 124769-10

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Trier
Nikolaus-Koch-Platz 4
54290 Trier

Telefon: 0651 9946-6138 

Landesbank Saar
Vertriebsbüro Koblenz
Peter-Kläckner-Straße 5
56073  Koblenz

Telefon: 0261 952-18461

SaarLB France
Succursale de la Landesbank Saar

Résidence Le Premium
17-19, rue du Fossé des Treize
67000 Strasbourg Cédex

Telefon: +33 3 88 3758-70
Telefax: +33 3 88 3693-78

SaarLB France
Centre d’affaires

203, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris

Telefon: +33 1 45 6363-52
Telefax: +33 1 45 6371-22

On the SaarLB team

The mindset we stand for

You can make the difference

We love people who are committed to what they do and driven by the entrepreneurial spirit. That is why we promote talent and diversity on the team.

Dr. Thomas Bretzger
Katrin Spelz

We play as a team

We are a bank with 6 locations in France and Germany. What brings us together is our unique spirit of collaboration with teamwork between various positions and agile communication practices.

We offer more than just jobs

We are excited about the growth of our employees – professionally and personally. We support lifelong learning through training, digital channels and coaching in our feedback-driven culture.

Sabrina Stadtfeld

This is how we work

Work in a diverse Franco-German team

Our unique team is the key to our success. We are proud of the innovative ideas and the extensive knowledge of our employees.

Innovation is part of our culture

At SaarLB, we promote the use of new technologies and digital tools. The future needs of our customers, new products and services – these are topics that move us every day.

We create the jobs of tomorrow

Interdisciplinary teams, partly open working areas, variable working times, mobile working and family friendliness: This promotes a flexible and agile work culture.

We have been breaking new ground for 80 years

We at SaarLB are motivated by the challenges that have to be overcome. Our expectation? Setting new standards in everyday life. Our conviction? Success comes from a strong team.

Recipient of the “Family-friendly company” distinction again

For the third time in a row, we have received the “Family-friendly company” certificate awarded by the Saarland Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the state government.
This award is conferred on companies that excel in terms of work-life balance, are committed to creating an appropriate working environment in this area and fully and sustainably meet the agreed requirements.
The latest recertification means that we will also be able to hold the “Family-friendly company” certificate for the next three years. In this period, we are aiming for the expansion of mobile working, the expansion of offers for fathers and further offers for the retention of employees, among other initiatives in this area.

Your career

Professional experience

Are you a seasoned professional who is constantly pushing for improvement? Perfect, you can start right away! Contribute your competence, your personality, your communication skills and your ability to work on a team and look forward to new insights, responsibilities and perspectives.

Young Professionals

Freedom for your ideas:

SaarLB offers students and pupils at technical colleges extensive opportunities to combine their theoretical knowledge with practical experience while they are still studying.

Whether through an internship, a working student position or a trainee position: With us, you can gain detailed insights into all areas of work, get to know processes and network – and thus be part of a strong team right from the start.

Employee statements

The Franco-German working environment makes the work versatile and varied. In addition, the talents and skills of each employee are quickly recognised and individually supported by the Bank, which enables professional and personal development: after only two years of employment, I was able to participate in the Bank’s talent management programme. Finally, the collegial interaction within the company and being treated as an equal make SaarLB a great employer for me.

Laetitia Corbisez

What fascinates me about SaarLB is the business model, which is characterised by tremendous individuality, and its constant further development, in which I can play an active role. The trust placed in me and the appreciation I experience here are what makes this workplace so valuable to me.

Sandra Lutsch

As an industrial engineer, banks might not be the employers you think of first – at least that’s how it was for me. However, in the context of its transformation, SaarLB offers challenging activities especially for young and well-educated people with an interdisciplinary background.

Tobias Richter

Together. Unlimited. Strong.

In addition to the global economic consequences of the corona pandemic, there are unfortunately also socio-political challenges here in our Franco-German border region.
The closing of the borders to our French neighbours has slowly caused a split in the friendships built up over many years and lived on a daily basis.
As a Franco-German regional bank, we would like to clearly demonstrate and show where we stand because for us there are no national borders in our daily work with each other!

On the SaarLB team – what we offer

Skills, knowledge, experience – all very important. But most important for us is the motivation.The drive – because everything comes to naught without it.Our drive does not come from nowhere and it is not imposed “from above”. It comes from the lived values of our employees.

And what else can you expect from us?

Contact us

Katrin Spelz

Head of Human Resources and Communication
Phone: +49 681 383-1640

Sabrina Stadtfeld

Manager Staff Development and Staff Management
Phone: +49 681 383-1711

Lana Kehrer

Recruiting Professionals
Phone: +49 681 383-1276

Yannick Lapâque

Recruiting Young Professionals
Phone: +49 681 383-1444

Our work is excellent

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Communication & Media
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