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Guarantees for secure trading

The guarantee beneficiary is based in Germany

We are happy to receive your requests:

  • Send the original guarantee request with a legally binding signature to the following address:

Landesbank Saar
SC KM Avale
Ursulinenstraße 2
66111 Saarbrucken

  • Transfer your guarantee request with a legally binding signature using a secure data line that we are happy to provide.
    Requirement: a previously agreed contract to use a secure data line.

How do I make a change to an existing guarantee?

Please submit to us a completed and legally signed guarantee request with the “change” supplement by one of the two methods described above. Important: You must state the guarantee reference number for the certificate you wish to change.

The modified guarantee certificate will be sent to you as soon as we have received the original certificate at the postal address stated above. In urgent cases please contact us by phone in advance.

When does my guarantee lapse? Do I have to return the original guarantee certificate?

A time-limited guarantee lapses on the end date stated on the certificate. SaarLB deletes these guarantees when the date is reached if they have not been used before ending. In this case it is not necessary to return the original certificate.

To end a guarantee that is not time-limited, it is necessary to return the original certificate incl. all supplements to SaarLB. It must be sent to the address stated above. After receiving the certificate the guarantee is booked out and therefore ended on the date it is received.

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