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High-tech is the future and tradition here

It was the desire for innovation that drove Jürgen Heindl when he laid the cornerstone for Progroup AG in 1992. His product was a commodity: corrugated cardboard. His idea unique: networked and data-driven production, so that customers can be supplied cost-effectively and reliably even with the smallest orders just in time. The vision of highly productive manufacturing has become the formula for success to which the medium-sized company has remained true.

Thanks to the networking of all 10 corrugated cardboard feeder plants and the centralised control of all data, orders can be placed online around the clock, individually manufactured within 48 hours and delivered within the exact time window. However, Progroup does not leave it at that:
It also constantly works on green high-tech innovations. By investing in state-of-the-art production facilities, such as the PM2 paper machine in Eisenhüttenstadt, CO₂ emissions have already been reduced by an average of 52 percent in our own paper production and by up to 15 percent in real terms for corrugated cardboard production. Sustainable and responsible entrepreneurial action is also practised in social projects that Progroup supports or carries out in the regions of its locations.

Trust is the basis, and understanding is the engine

Communication is the key to success when working with external partners, and this is also the case with SaarLB: “At the end of the day, it’s all about the people, who have to deal with each other in a trust-based and reliable manner”, emphasises Maximilian Heindl, who is standing by to continue developing Progroup in its second generation. The fact that SaarLB fulfils these requirements in the best possible way is demonstrated by the path we have been headed down for the past ten years. “However, it is not only the short distances as well as efficient and flexible structures that make the cooperation uncomplicated. Above all it is an understanding of the unconventional business model and our constant striving for further development that characterises SaarLB”, explains CFO Dr. Volker Metz. Progroup and SaarLB share the desire for innovation – and success through cooperation.

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